Through our routine harbor and boating activities, we produce a variety of non-hazardous solid wastes. These can include:

  • cardboard and other recyclables,
  • common trash items such as wrappers and styrofoam,
  • fish waste,
  • fishing line/gear, and
  • pet waste

As a harbor officer you can work to ensure that employees and customers know how to reduce and manage solid waste streams and you can establish best practices to maintain a clean harbor for you and your customers.

A litter-free harbor is more attractive to everyone, is an enjoyable place to recreate and do business, and is less harmful to the marine environment. By being aware and pro-active about solid waste management at your facility, you can reduce your waste disposal costs and create a clean harbor that the entire community can be proud of. Once implemented, these solid waste best management practices are effective ways to maintain a clean harbor for many years.


The first question to ask is what CAN you recycle in your community?


Not all dumpsters and trash systems are created equal! Are your dumpsters labeled? Away from the water?

Fish Waste

How do your customers deal with fish waste at your facility?

Pet Waste

No one likes dog poop!

Wild Animals